About Us

About GoRogue

Canadians are used to of paying high prices for Telecom Services such as Internet, Home Phone, IPTV and Wireless Phone. GoRogue will be offering reasonably priced Telecom services and as a first step we are launching Internet, VoIP Phone and will be offering IPTV, Automation and Security Solutions as they are ready. 

What is Digicloud?

Digicloud owns the Gorogue brand and will be using this brand to introduce Fast, Affordable and Reliable Telecom Services, Automation and Security Solutions for residential and business customers in Canada. Digicloud is a Canadian company is proud to use Canadian talent and resources to develop its solutions. 

GoRogue any different vs. traditional Internet Service Providers?

GoRogue is about changing the Canadian Telecom market by offering Affordable and Reliable Telecom services to Canadians.