Reseller Program

Reseller Program

Build Your own Brand

Launch your own internet service with your own brand name, We can provide access to our Network for your customers and you will manage customers

Create your own Packages with your own Pricing strategy to attract your local customers. As you build your own customer base, you will have a great sense of owning a profitable business in addition to providing an essential service, you will also be creating competition against the big guns of the industry.

Use your own Billing System

You create your billing/invoicing template within your own billing system so that you can send customers invoices and auto collect monthly payment without the headache of manual payment processing. You can also use a paper-based cash billing system where customers pay you cash on a monthly basis. You can choose a method that suits based on your local/community preference.

One Monthly Invoice

GoRgoue will generate one monthly invoice for you which will be due within 5 days and method of payment can be negotiated.

Easy to use Online Portal

GoRogue online portal allows you to create and track orders and follow up when required until a customer is activation and beyond.

Easy to Use Process to Create and Track Trouble Tickets

GoRogue online portal allows you to create and track support tickets until a resolution is provided.

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