Explore the world of Fast internet where you pay less and enjoy the same high speed internet that any other Cable and DSL based internet service provider offers, be bold take the plunge, go rogue....


With Fast speed, we wanted to make sure that our our internet is affordable so that more Canadians can get online and enjoy life and make their businesses a success story


With Fast speed, Affordable prices, we have made sure that our internet service as reliable as any other internet service in Canada or better, our network is built with state of the art equipment bought from leading network equipment providers like Cisco and Juniper. 

Tired of high internet bills and poor customer service?

Internet Plans

We have carefully designed our Cable and DSL plans to ensure that we provide the best possible internet service at a price that is affordable while offering the same Fast speed and Reliability that the best in the industry offer.



34Mbps Download

23Mbps Upload

876 Bandwidth

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56Mbps Download

76Mbps Upload

567 Bandwidth

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54Mbps Download

87Mbps Upload

569 Bandwidth

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About Rogue

At Rogue, we believe that we dont need to follow the established industry practices of charging large sums of money for a mandatory service like internet, thereofore, we are making every effort to make our internet and other future products affordable and reliable

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